Traveling by Ferries in Japan

Traveling by Ferries in Japan

Even though Japan is islands country, it’s not common to travel by ferry, but possible.

There are some ferry routes that you can enjoy the sea voyage. They are equipped with restaurants and choice of  bed rooms from economy to luxury, and some even have public bath making it very Japanese.

Unfortunately, the most of the city has their port a bit away from the city, and due to the low traffic of passengers to the port, usually it’s far from stations or bus is only running when there is a ferry arriving. I recommend you to make sure to check the distance from the city in advance if you wish to travel by ferry. But once you get on the board, it will certainly a good experience.

Here are some lists of major passenger ferry routes in Japan.


Yokosuka – Fukuoka (Kita Kyushu)

The ferry takes you to Kyushu from Yokosuka, which is one hour away from Tokyo. The new ferry is equipped with public bath and restaurants too.

船内施設紹介 - 東京九州フェリー

Okinawa – Kagoshima

one night voyage from Kagoshima to/from Okinawa.

Maruei Ferry “Akebono” or “Naminoue” runs.

フェリー波之上 | マルエーフェリー株式会社 鹿児島航路
マルエーフェリー株式会社 鹿児島航路「フェリー波之上」のきめ細かい配慮のバリアフリーと白を基調とした北欧風の船内で快適な旅をお楽しみ下さい。


Oarai(Ibaraki) to Hokkaido (Tomakomai)



Sendai -Nagoya -Tomakomai



Maizuru or Niigata to Hokkaido

Maizuru (north of Kyoto) to Otaru (Hokkaido)

Niigata to Tomakomai /  Otaru

船舶紹介 | 舞鶴・敦賀・新潟・秋田と北海道を結ぶフェリー航路。



Ogasawara-Maru takes you to the southern island of Tokyo in 24 hours.




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