You are currently viewing Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza Hotel – in the heart of Ginza

Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza Hotel – in the heart of Ginza

Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza Hotel – in the heart of Ginza

I stayed at Nishitetsu Solaria Hotel located in the heart of Ginza.

There are so many hotels in Ginza area, and even during pandemic, many new hotels are opening recently.  To spend a night in the heart of Ginza, I choose this hotel Nishitetsu Solaria, which has a good balance of hotel quality and pricing.

In this article, you will see what I found out about the hotel, and also the night view of Ginza in early 2021.

Nishitetsu, is a railway company from Kyushu in the west, and Nishi (West) Tetsu (Rail) is the meaning. They have several hotels in Japan, and one of them is the Solaria Hotel Ginza, which is the premier brand of Nishitetsu Hotels. They also have Nishitetsu Inn ( a casual hotel) and Nishitetsu Hotel ( a large sized city hotel).

Location, location, location. Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza Hotel

The hotel is located in the heart of Ginza, on a small street behind Mitsukoshi department store. The location is great because it is within the block of Ginza, while many hotels are out of Ginza or near Ginza even if it has name of Ginza. That mean you can access to the Main Street of Ginza without crossing a big street nor long work.

Also, it’s only a minute walk to Higashi Ginza station of Toei Asakusa line, which directly goes to Narita airport and Haneda Airport. The rapid train connects the two airport doesn’t stop at Higashi Ginza, but it’s same platform transfer is a big help especially when you have many baggages.

The hotel’s are considered city hotel / premier business hotel. The good part of business hotel is that facilities are well equipped such as pants presser, and coffee machine in room, and I found ice machine in every floor in Nishitetsu Solaria Ginza.

The Room of Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza

However, it is a bit better than a Japanese typical business hotels. Unlike other typical business hotels, Nishitetsu Solaria keeps 20 square meters minimum even in double room, and the twin room I stayed had 24 square meters. I personally recommend at least 20 square meters in room even for a solo traveler for the healthy mentality and comfort.

I really cannot sleep in the room smaller than 20 square meters and a small window.

The twin room has the bath tub and toilet separated, which is important for Japanese people or who enjoys bath everyday. The bath tub is big enough and you can relax with hot water, and of course no worry even if you overflow.

There were enough in room amenities too. There is an empty fridge, and electric kettle with some coffee and tea, and a complimentary bottles of water in the bar area. The bathroom amenities includes tooth brush, razor, skin moisturizer and bath salt.

In Ginza, you might not be able to expect a lot for views since the town is packed with full of mid tall buildings, and the same for Nishitetsu Solaria Hotel too. It is better not to expect the view when you stay at the hotel in Ginza.

My room on 12th floor had a bit of open view towards east, that we could see the sunrise.

Facilities and Breakfast

The hotel’s public space is quite limited, and there are no fitness gym. Next to the front desk, there is a lobby space that you can relaxed. Considering the location, it is quite fair.


Breakfast is one of the famous attraction of this hotel. The fruit sandwich of the hotel is a special of this hotel’s breakfast.

The sandwich has cream cheesy whip cream on a thin bread, with fresh fruits. The design changes depends on the season.  It looks bigger than it looks, so it might be a bit too heavy for the start of hard working day, but perfect amusement for vacation isn’t it? Make sure you come to the restaurant when it opens because this fruit sandwich is limited numbers offered. During my visit, the restaurant opened 7 in the morning, but there were already 7 people waited when the restaurant opened.

The breakfast is 2400 JPY per person, so if you could find a plan including breakfast, I recommend that so you don’t have to have a second thought like… “ah maybe I can go to coffee shop outside”.

Around Ginza

At night after checking in, I head to see the Ginza. Well, I just went out of the hotel and here I am.

The town was fulfilled with lights for the Holiday Season, but I have to say it was a bit quiet comparing with years before covid-19. Still, Ginza was fulfilled with fun atmosphere towards the holiday season.

Even if you don’t do the shopping, it’s fun to walk around Ginza. For dinner, we got some foods at the underground of Matsuya department store and ate in the room.

Overall, I left the hotel with good impression. What I liked was the spacious room with spacious bathroom, and of course plenty of hot water with strong pressure,  quiet environment in the back street of Ginza, and amazing location is exceptional for the walk of Ginza. The towel was thick and soft enough comfortable to take bath twice during the stay.

The major negative review by Japanese customers I saw on Internet is that they don’t clean the room every day and just change towels.  In case you stay for more than 2 nights, make sure if that is ok with you, or stay just one night if that bother you.  –  Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza


If you prefer the hotels with views with not bad location, please see The Blossom Hibiya as a little higher grade hotel with view.

The location of Hotel Nishitetsu Solaria Ginza

A few minutes walk from Tokyo Metro “Ginza” station. It’s possible to walk from JR Yurakucho Station too, but maybe a bit far for people who cannot walk long distance or travelers with suitcases depends on weather.

The hotel is located less than 1 minute away from Toei Asakusa Line’s “Higashi Ginza” station A8 exit. Please note that this A8 exit doesn’t have escalator or elevators. Also this A8 exit is on the platform No.2 towards Asakusa / Narita, and is not accessible from other side. So if you are arriving from Haneda, it is close (stay in the front of the train).  But if you arrive from Narita or Asakusa direction, it is better to get out of other exit and walk on the street. You know you can get easily lost in underground.

* Please note that this is my personal review which is based on my favor and experience as a guest of the time I visit. There might be change of services or facilities. All photos with watermark of SereneJapan are taken by me, Tokyo Kenchan.

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