Japanese government is putting severe restriction on travel due to Covid-19. Please follow your local government guideline for traveling to Japan and see the latest information by Japanese government before you plan the travel.

The most scenic hotels near Mt.Fuji.




Guide book of Japan by Destinations

This guide that gives you quick idea about the areas of Japan, so that you can see if that matches for your travel style or not. Not too trendy and detailed, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information and it is updated as much as possible.








Tokyo Overall   /    Ueno Asaksua  /  Tokyo Staiton Area /  Shinjuku Shibuya /  Others

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Greater TOKYO

Kawagoe / Kamakura / Tokyo Disney Resort / Narita /  Mt.Fuji Area /   Hakone  / Nikko / Kinugawa / Atami Izu  /  hotsprings in Gunma / Karuizawa  /  Tokyo’s island hopping /

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Sapporo / Sapporo’s surrounding area / Asahikawa Furano Tomamu / Niseko /  Noboribetsu – Lake Toya – Shiraoi / Hakodate / Doto – Shiretoko, Kushiro / Wakkanai / Hokkaido Driving /  Ski in Hokkaido

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Aomori – Oirase – Towada / Akita – Shirakami – Gono Line / Appi – Hachimantai / Yamagata – Zao / Aizu Kitakata Ura-bandai /  See all Hokkaido destinations with photos

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Niigata-Sado / Nagano – Kita-Shinshu / Ski trip from Tokyo / Kanazawa / Takayama – Okuhida / Japan Alps

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Kyoto / Nara / Osaka / Ise-Shima / Koyasan – Wakayama / /Amanohashidate – Kinosaki / Himeji Castle – Kobe /


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Okayama – Naoshima / Hiroshima / Shimanami Route / Izumo-San’in / Yamaguchi / Shikoku and Pilgrim Route /

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Fukuoka / Nagasaki / Oita – Beppu / Kumamoto – Aso / Kagoshima – Kirishima – Ibusuki / Yakushima and Osumi Islands / Amami Islands /

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Okinawa Main island and Naha / Okinawa Resorts / Miyako / Yaeyama /


See all tokyo destinations with photos /travelguide/okinawa/

Some categorizing of east and west Japan may vary depends on book or website. Instead of trying to find a spot from every 47 prefectures, we put importance of locations which we think worth the visit.


Japan walkers’ first choice.

Article on hotels.

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Hot-Springs / Beaches in Japan / Ski in Japan / Hiking in Japan / Camping in Japan / Kabuki – No / Museums / Architecture /

Shop & Foods

What to buy in Japan / Shop in Japan / Drugstores / Sake / Sushi / Shojin Ryori / Special Foods of 47 regions /


About Japan

Quick History of Japan / 4 Seasons Of Japan – What To See and What To Wear / Money – Currency, ATMs, Exchange

Travel Trouble and Help

Emergency in Japan / What if Earthquake? / Feeling Sick? What To Do / Emergency Words in Japanese /

What To Do In Earthquakes And Natural Disasters / Basic Caution Tips in Japan / Where You Can Ask For Help in English /

Help by your nationalities

Travel Technique

How To Get Around Tokyo and Japan / Airport Details / Useful Words for Shopping / Airlines Flying To Japan

What To Bring To Japan / Who Can Drive in Japan / Adapters for Hotels / Immigration and Customs

How To Do Duty-Free Procedures/ Internet Access in Japan – SIM, WIFI, Phones / How To Send Mail And Packages

Baggage Delivery / Baggage Storage / How To Order Food in Japan / Manners At A Restaurant / Manners At Museums

How To Eat In Japan