You are currently viewing Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu – “Musse Twin” on the top floor.

Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu – “Musse Twin” on the top floor.

I stayed at Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu [Musse Twin]

I have stayed at Musse Twin in Musse Ginza in Ginza, Tokyo.

Musse Ginza is a hotel operated by Meitetsu, and is a hotel of the same family as Meitetsu Inn. It seems that the Musse brand is currently found only in Shijo Kawaramachi in Kyoto and Ginza in Tokyo.

Recently, the number of Mitsui and railway business hotels is increasing and I get lost, but this Meitetsu has a slightly unusual room, so I stayed there.

Meitetsu Musse Ginza’s room is a little interesting

This is the homepage, but I feel that it is more fashionable than a normal business hotel.

I’m not good at dark rooms based on black, so I’m very impressed.

Still, it is a very ordinary construction.

I found a unique room with big window from ceiling to the floor. The room is called “Musse Twin” on the 13th floor, which is the top floor of  Meitetsu Musse.


This time I stayed at this Musse Twin.

The location is in the center of Ginza, and it is in a good location.

This Meitetsu Musse Ginza is located within the block of Ginza. In other words, it does not go west from Sotobori-dori or east from Showa-dori, but it is at the genuine Ginza address.


Especially for those who shop in Ginza or who like Ginza, when you leave the hotel even at night, you can see the beautiful city of Ginza.

It is a little far from the station and you will need an umbrella on rainy days. However, walking is a comfortable environment.

Recently, I also stayed at Nishitetsu Solaria, which is also located in the Ginza;  that is on the north side of Ginza behind Matsuya, while Musse is on the south side near Ginza Six.

Within walking distance from Tokyo Station, there are some fashionable shops such as Tiffany’s cafes and MUJI hotels in Ginza 1-chome and 2-chome on the north side, depending on different tastes.

Personally, I like this south side because it’s more calm, and it’s within walking distance from Shimbashi station.


It is an intersection of Ginza 7-chome. If you come from Shimbashi Station, you will be on the right, and if you come from Ginza Station, you will be on the left.

Hotels are concentrated in this corner, and there are many new and slightly better business hotels such as Sotetsu Fressain, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier, Novotel-based Ibis Styles, and Royal Park Canvas.

From entrance to check-in and room

This Musse Ginza Meitetsu has an entrance on the 1st floor, and there is a 7-Eleven that you can go directly from inside. When you return to the hotel from 7-Eleven, you will need the room key of the room, and the security is excellent.


It is the entrance of Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu. Seven-Eleven is at the entrance.

You can reach the lobby on the 2nd floor by stairs or elevator, and check-in is done there.

The same elevator will take you to the room, but if you read the room key of the room except for the 1-2nd floor, it will automatically take you to the floor. I thought this was convenient because there are many types who press the button on the destination floor in a hurry after reading it. This also means that you can only access the floor where your room is located, so security is perfect. However, I often waited for the elevator, so I recommend you to take early action.

The Musse Twin is on the top floor and the ceiling height is already high from the corridor.

Very unusual Musse Twin

When I entered the room, suddenly there was a bed in front of the door. Yes, it was. I had seen the structure of the room on the site in advance and thought it was interesting, but I forgot.

The room has a calm design and the windows are wide! The ceiling is high! The layout of the rooms is unique! bath and toilet are separated!

This room makes me feel better.

It seems that the ceiling height is about 3.5 meters, and the room is a spacious space that can not be thought of as 23 square meters. I can live! I thought so.

What separates a good hotel from a cheap hotel may be the size of the window. .. ..


However, it seems difficult to leave it open. There is Sotetsu Fressain in front of you, and you can see the other side, so I think you can see more of this glass-walled one. The eyes met as much as I could. Lol

And Sotetsu Fressain. From the window, I could see Andaz of Toranomon Hills in the distance.

It’s a small point, but I was very happy to have a Nestle machine (4 capsules), which coffee is common in hotels these days, and 2 drip coffees.

And, bath and toilet are separated, which is becoming a standard recently in Japan. It seems that some foreigners feel uncomfortable taking a shower outside the bathtub, but it is difficult for Japanese people to store hot water after taking a shower in the same bath tub.

I don’t like seeing the toilet while taking a bath, I don’t like the shower curtain clinging to my body, and even in a luxury hotel with a separate shower booth, I have to be careful not to let the hot water overflow from the bathtub. ..

It was a great bathroom with a variety of shower heads.


Breakfast is served at the restaurant on the 2nd floor. It’s a very interesting system, and it’s a style of picking and putting small bowls with a wooden tray. Refills are free.

I was surprised because there are more Western-style dishes than Japanese dishes. At the counter seats, you can eat while looking at the outside scenery.


Impressions of staying at Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu

In conclusion, it was a very favorite stay. It may be difficult to differentiate from other hotels if it is a normal room, but for “Musse Twin”, it was a room I liked so much that I would like to visit again.

Also, the front desk didn’t feel cold at all, and it was a very friendly and warm atmosphere. It was very important to me.

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